Welcome to SafeFlight.

Not sure if it's safe to fly? Welcome to SafeFlight - your go-to resource for preflight planning and on-site risk assesment for flying your sUAS. Simply enter current weather conditions, and SafeFlight will notify you if it's safe to fly.

If you aren't sure whether it's legal to fly, you are able to find out using SafeFlight through an embedded version of AirMap, an open source webapp that makes airspace laws easy to understand and follow.

Legal Disclaimer

Neither SafeFlight, nor AirMap should be used exclusively to determine whether it is safe to fly. Unfroseen circumstances affecting the safety of flight can arise, and neither SafeFlight nor AirMap (or any similar apps, for that matter) can help you with those. Please use common sense and good judgement when piloting sUAS. They are not toys and are extremely dangerous if misused or mishandled.

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Go to this page and move to the area that your flight will be taking place. Then, look at the top left for the color of the "Warning" symbol. (triangle with "!") Please record that color below.

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